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HBW Chico FAQ's

Q. Where are your locations?

  • A.We have branch offices in Chico, but our Advisors are willing to travel to you if that is most convenient.

Q. Are you accepting new clients?

  • A. Yes, we are currently taking on new clients. Many by referrals from existing clients, CPAs, and attorneys but we are happy and open to helping everyone. We are always excited to meet new people, see if we are a good fit, and develop new relationships.

Q. Do we charge for meetings?

  • A. We do not charge for our meetings or appointments.

Q. Do we have account minimums?

  • A. We work with all clients no matter how much they have to invest. Our firm has been helping clients for over 20 years with Advisors that range widely in age and experience. This allows us to service our client’s needs and our clients’ family needs throughout their life cycle and into future generations.

Q. How long do appointments usually last?

  • A. New client meetings last about 2 hours while account reviews will last about 1 hour

Q. What should you bring to an appointment?

  • A. Please bring all recent statements for your investments, retirement accounts, and a copy of last years tax return.

Q. Who should be present during an investment meeting?

  • A. Although an investment meeting could be with just one person, we encourage spouses or life partners to attend all or most appointments. Children are also welcomed as it is important for everyone to be comfortable and familiar with the decisions being made.

Q. What services do you provide?

  • A. We provide our clients with a full range of services that allow for a full financial plan. Those services include wealth management, retirement planning, financial analysis, debt reduction plans, college savings accounts, estate planning, life insurance and tax preparation.

Q. Can you help with pension options?

  • A. Yes, our Advisor’s have extensive experience working with pension plans and how to best manage them during retirement.

Q. Can you help with a 401(k) or IRA rollover?

  • A. We can help you manage and rollover your retirement accounts with the goal of consolidating your portfolio while ensuring you are well diversified.

Q. How will the performance of my investments be communicated with me?

  • A. You will always have access to your investments online, but we will also meet in-person twice a year to review your accounts. This is a standard practice, but we can meet anytime you would like if you feel adjustments need to be made to your portfolio.

Q. Do you have a fiduciary responsibility to your clients?

  • A. Yes, our Advisors have a legal fiduciary responsibility to their clients. The result is that every recommendation we make must be in your best interests.

Q. What are your fees?

  • A. Many of our Advisor’s are strictly fee-based Advisor’s that have a legal fiduciary responsibility to you. This fiduciary responsibility ensures that our advice is solely in your best interest. Fee-based accounts, managed by a registered Advisor, are not driven by commissions but based on the total amount of assets the Advisor manages for you. Since there is a direct correlation between the success of your investments and Advisor compensation, we are just as invested in the success of your investments as you are.

Q. What is included in your fee’s?

  • A. We do not bill for additional advice or services beyond our stated fee’s.

Q. I am not retiring for a while, do I still need an Advisor?

  • A. Yes, financial planning should start as soon as possible. Our Advisors assist with all investment matters from the first-time investor to someone transitioning into retirement. We believe that people who start planning early for retirement are more likely to meet their financial goals as they age.