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For more than 30 years HBW has focused on providing clients with the tools they need to create, implement and adjust their financial plans. We consistently monitor and seek out tools to help our Advisors create investment plans and provide advice that is in the clients best interest and allows for wealth accumulation, asset protection and tax efficient investing. Since the inception of HBW we have fostered the belief that our clients' relationship with their Advisor is among their most important assets when times are challenging.

HBW has helped hundreds of thousands of clients and have invested over $1 billion dollars for clients. This is through our life and asset protection insurance agency, Investment Advisory firm, as well as our own Broker/Dealer. Our desire to build a business, a company, a corporate work of art has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across America. This includes not just the thousands of clients who we serve but also all our associates who service those clients.

Established in October 1991 and Incorporated in September 1994, HBW was founded with the express purpose of providing those we serve with greater market capabilities, dramatically expanding products and service offerings, managing against potential future negative market conditions, and providing our Financial Advisors with the ability to spend their time focused on serving their clients.

Over the years while supporting customers, agents and carriers, HBW has kept their eye on the future. As market conditions evolved, new product offerings emerged, regulatory compliance tightened, market consolidation continued to increase, and HBW pushed to provide more support to its clients and Financial Advisors. This has ensured an exemplary level of customer service, fiduciary advice, and portfolio performance is maintained.

HBW Advisory Services LLC, is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Company. As the financial services industry continues to evolve so will the HBW organization and all its Financial Advisors.